Braap MX was founded based on the love of the Motocross Sport. Racing dirt bikes is not only a pastime and sport, but a passion built by speed and ridden by those who can hang on long enough to get through the ranks to be the fastest in the world. 

Jim Prevatte started riding dirt bikes when he was 16 years old. He turned Pro by the time he was 23 years old. In 2000, he qualified in 125A for Lorretta Lynn's. From there he made his debut riding Pro Motocross.

While Jim was able to make his motocross career a success by rising through the ranks,  he never forgot those who had gotten him there. Motocross is more than about a rider and their machine. It's about family, community, and helping one another out.

Now that Jim has a family of his own, a son and three daughters, all of who ride and race motocross themselves, he finally opened up his own Motocross School. Not only does he want to give his own kids the guidance and skills they need to succeed riding on two wheels, but he wants to  give back to the community that had helped him so much when he was starting out. 

His motocross school takes place every Thursday and Friday at Bartow Motocross. 

Thursday's are dedicated to the little guys, the 50cc riders., ages 4-9. Jim takes time with each kid during the group lesson to help them work on body position, throttle control, and even shifting. Teaching basic fundamentals is the first step to a successful career in motocross. 

Friday's are dedicated to those who have been riding a few months or a few years. Bike sizes can range from 65cc to 450cc and all skill levels are invited to participate in Friday's Training School. Friday's about tweaking a riders technique, showing them the way to further their motocross career.